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難しいね、長続きできない、そう言われてきた、ヨガをリンパヨガとして 若い人から





​簡単! リンパヨガ



Tip: Use this area to describe one of your services. You can change the title to the service you provide and use this text area to describe your service. Feel free to change the image.There are currently a variety of health law, health law that balances the entire body naturally is basic, partial

Have tended to take advantage of law has become mainstream.

The Institute is essential that we go on living
Take advantage of the different ways in which to return to as it should and human health law focused diet, breathing, sleep, excretion, movement, fertility, with the balance of the mind, to adapt to a lot of people, manipulative lymph meridians there · I focus on establishing a management method reset method combined with physical and mental health and mind body coordination.

Have done the research and dissemination of health care law, as well as physical and psychological adjustment reset method body, mind 整体 lymph meridians meeting our institute, has placed the following items: the basics.

It is essential that we go on living
As it should of health that balances the body "move your body=" movement "eat=food" urine ", gas, flight=excretion" "sleep=" sleep "to breath=breath" and the mind, it is healthy captures the "health" from the point of view as seen from the state of the body, so that the current body of what has changed over time, or that have changed.

Man is essentially healthy except for the aftermath of an accident or injury or genetic disease.
To health and current health of the past, there is much difference however.
Health of the old days, it was in a sound state of health in a natural ecosystem.

Are active and always up and running.
Always eat a lot of vigorous, appetite toilet immediately after we eat.
Many smile look healthy and energetic, even complexion, that You're the healthy who can see in the morning early to bed and early to rise was the measure of health.

I think often believe health that I think a lot of people today, the state not ill health and able to adapt to life and good health must be a disease also cause modulation to the body, however.

Those who do not stop do not notice the changes and modulation of the body, mind also is increasing.
I feel that those who defend yourself conscious of my body is low also, do not have an interest in physical function and their physical condition as I've increased.

Do not live a life based on the law of nature in everyday life, because they live in accordance with the body to the environment placed his own In addition, you are living everyday unhealthy how including diet, he is kind to the body I have been living without thinking that you are negatively affected.

Is the study of law in the spirit of health maintenance will reexamine the "health" from the fact that I recognize the body's own therefore.

Just adjust body and mind 整体 lymph meridians, we can not support all the preventive medicine and health management, and positions situation of his mind and body coordination body mind and take advantage of 整体 lymph meridians in knowledge and technology have acquired so far also as one of the means to increase the added value to have the width of the practitioner as a reset method, and, as a therapy, we are working to spread the reset method mind and body, mind body coordination 整体 meridian Law for the Promotion of lymph nodes.

In recent years, the field has also increased beauty shop as well as the fields of health, sports fields, pet areas, incorporating natural therapies such as the Law for the Promotion of lymph childcare support further children. I think I have to be able to take advantage of each industry and in the field in this way, we would like to convey the results of research.

That the balance of mind and body is ready,
I say the real body health.

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